Going beyond where you thought you could is a project that was never destined to become anything. When I started this journey I barely knew how to operate WordPress. Everything seemed impossible.

But I kept working, solving issues, getting shit done and push further away from the limit of what can’t be done by turning it into a reality.

Yes, the years have passed since I started. But Determination always pays out.

Thanks to, I pushed myself to become a designer, hosted a portfolio, redesigned it and improved about a hundred times. I started to dream of making it real. Sharing a project that would have value to people.

But where to start when you are ignorant? Well at the beginning…

Today I’m proud to anounce to say this project is the one who led me to who I am and who led me to my greatest project of building my own applications and sharing them to the world.




The App that I made so far

Well, we all have to start somewhere. It seems the baptism for any graphic designer is to build an icon set and for any developer is to work with an API. I thought I’ll do both with this attempt in simple take on weather applications.
Okay, weather resides in the ambition to do a weather application that will only focus on what people really need to get by in the day.

But who am I exactly ?

I am Jeremie ROBERRINI, born in 95 on a french tropical island, I have always been eager to learn new stuff & discover new places.
After 2 years of experience in customer relation positions, I developed my capacity to empathise with the customers, and realised I wanted to go beyond responding to problems, and design user centric solutions. I fell in love with design and its ability to improve people’s daily lives as well as address major social problems.
My first step in my design journey led me into IronHack Amsterdam, where I developed my skills and knowledge from leading industry professionals on the design process.
Nowadays I am looking for the next amazing project that would help me break into the field.
But you can find moreover that on my portfolio.

Will you be the one who starts the next amazing project ?
Time to find out,

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